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Learn To Burn - The Prep

Feb 7, 2023 - Mar 12, 2023

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This is part 1 of the Spring 2023 Learn to Burn program hosted by Grounded Truths LLC in the Mountain Grove (eastern Wright County) Missouri area. The course is NOT open enrollment - enrollment must be approved by Grounded Truths LLC, and priority will be given to those residing in the Southern Missouri area as well as Prescribed Burn Association members. Participants will learn about fire behavior and weather, planning ignition teams and operations, burn unit preparation, and logistics and organization of burn operations in this hybrid virtual and field-going course. This ~6-hour virtual course will be followed by a field day on the actual burn unit in Mountain Grove, MO. Time/Date TBA in late February or early March and dependent upon weather. The Field portion of the course will revisit the topics discussed in the virtual program and give learners an opportunity to explore those concepts in a real world environment with opportunities for some "hands on" instruction with burn preparation equipment and techniques.

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


  • Introduction, Syllabus, Expectations
  • Survey: Introduction, Syllabus, Expectations

  • Virtual Day
  • Quiz: Virtual Day
  • Survey: Virtual Day





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