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Grounded Truths Published in Domestic Preparedness Journal!

My first actual publication!

I’m pretty excited, and thankful for the AAS Solar Eclipse Task Force and particularly Laurie Radow for co-writing, making the connections, and enabling the opportunity to be published in a professional journal!

Planning for a Cross-Country Special Event - Domestic Preparedness Journal, Sept 2023. The article is a free view, give it a look!

That, along with duties for the Missouri Prescribed Fire Council and some other local Prescribed Fire concerns, have kept me off the writing/videoing radar for a while - but if it all works out there should be some excellent things coming down the pipeline fairly soon!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the Umbral Truths front, keep an eye out for some additional “implementation operations” pieces coming up the beginning of October!

See you in a few days!

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