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Grounded Truths at the AAS Solar Eclipse Planning Workshop

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Albuquerque, NM - June 9-10th 2023

I'm honored to report back that I was asked to present at the AAS Solar Eclipse Planning Workshop in Albuquerque June 9-10th of this year, and WOW what an awesome experience! Not only was there the opportunity to present and be a Q&A panelist, but to listen and learn from other professionals in every domain from astrophysics and education to marketing and tourism to traffic management. Now I can help carry those messages forth as well!

For those not familiar, the American Astronomical Society has taken on a lead role in guiding Eclipse planning for National and Local entities for a few years now, and there is a Nationwide Solar Eclipse Task Force with both National and Local Planning Working Groups. Grounded Truths has been involved with the Local Planning Working Group since Summer of 2022 and assisted Deb Ross, Co-Chair of the National Planning Working Group, with categorizing and sharing LPWG's collected information, documents, infographics, etc for Deb's website.

All of this led to the opportunity to present at the penultimate Solar Eclipse Planning Workshop!

My presentation focused on Outside the Box Thinking in Public Safety and Emergency Management - look for a link to the video of that presentation AND the associated Q&A section Coming Soon™.

I'm pleased and proud to have been able to share a tiny piece of my knowledge and experiences from Totality in 2017 with such a broad, diverse crowd of educators, community leaders, travel and tourism experts, and many others who joined in virtually via Zoom.

The Workshop Plenaries and Breakouts have been posted on YouTube! Here is my presentation at the Plenary on Traffic and Emergency Management, and then the associated Breakout Q&A section!

With this post, I'm including an infographic I made that was shared across the Workshop attendees, and a PDF copy of my presentation. These may be distributed, unaltered, freely for non-commercial purposes only and with attribution to Grounded Truths LLC.

Download PDF • 2.95MB

GTLLC_SE_Workshop_Presentation Emergency Management Under the Umbra
Download PDF • 17.39MB
Finally a note going forward - future "Umbral Truths" content will be posted on Substack. I intend to do some deep-dives into the whys, hows, and wherefores of the nuts and bolts of Eclipse planning and preparedness. As those entries will contain specific, actionable info and advice gained from real-world experience they will be paywalled. As much as I would love to just give it all away for free, this is my business and livelihood here. For just 50 cents a day with a monthly subscription (less with an annual sub), you'll get unlimited access to infographics, "what to do, how to do it, and why" information, and the ability to interact with me and ask follow-up questions on the information I provide.

Want one-on-one consultation on your Eclipse plans and preparedness? I'm now offering VIRTUAL CONSULTATION - book now!


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